Letter from Langdon: 40 Feet High and Rising

August 20, 2019Letters From Langdon No Comments

With mismanagement and aging infrastructure, the Army Corps’ flood-control strategy on the Missouri amounts to yelling “look out below” to the folks downstream. For farmers in the path of the record-setting wall of water, the results are predictable – and catastrophic. Anyone living next a stream, creek, or river will tell you that in times … Read More

The Clean Water Act’s Double Standard

August 20, 2019Letters From Langdon No Comments

Vernal pools, spots that temporarily hold water, are at the heart of conflicts over Waters of the U.S. regulations. When farmers try to do the right thing, they may still get in trouble. A California farmer who plowed dry ground faces large fines from the Environmental Protection Agency for polluting America’s waterways. Meanwhile, under some conditions, … Read More

Does Your Water Dog Need a Wetsuit?

January 2, 2018Letters From Langdon No Comments

An article by the New York Times’ personal health columnist suggests that this winter your dog might need a coat and booties for the cold, ginger capsules for car sickness, and olive oil in its food to treat dry skin. It’s a little different on the farm. A story titled “Winterizing Your Dog” appeared recently … Read More