What We Do

Missouri Farmers Union is a grass-roots organization that works to protect the social and economic well-being of family farmers throughout Missouri.

Our members are our policy makers. We engage elected officials on issues that come directly from our membership and press lawmakers to implement and enforce laws and regulations that will strengthen agriculture in Missouri.

Missouri Farmers Union’s membership is as diverse as the agricultural landscape in our state and includes grain farmers, vegetable growers, fruit growers, livestock farmers and dairy farmers. All our members play a role in bringing the issues that matter most to lawmakers in Missouri and fighting for their rights as family farmers.

Missouri Farmers Union is a home for all family farmers who are committed to conserving our state’s natural bounty – whether they are long-established or beginning their agricultural journey.

Missouri Farmers Union has been the voice of family farmers, rural residents and consumers across the state since our founding. We believe the needs of Missouri's farm economy are every bit as important as the policy priorities of Wall Street and Corporate America. We are the dedicated voice of family farming, and we aim to preserve a sustainable economy that benefits each of us where we live while providing domestically grown, healthy choices for consumers.

If you are a family farmer or rural resident dedicated to preserving your way of life. If you are a consumer and you believe it’s important to buy locally from someone you know and trust. If you believe in sustainability and want to see an economy that works just as well for the little guy as it does for the big guy. If you are concerned about any of these issues, then we invite you to join Missouri Farmers Union. We work every day to further all of these priorities and many more.

Missouri Farmers Union is a membership-driven organization that is committed to enhancing the quality of life of family farmers through educational opportunities, co-operative endeavors and civic engagement. Become part of the solution and join today!

Missouri Farmers Union is committed to representing the interests of all family farmers on issues such as:

  • Sustainability
  • Country of Origin Labeling
  • Energy and Food Security
  • Genetically Modified Crops
  • Competitive Markets
  • Monopolies and Concentration in Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Whether you live in the city or in the country, Missouri Farmers Union is the organization for family farmers, growers and their supporters who care about:

  • Missouri agriculture
  • Family farmers and growers
  • Where food comes from
  • The environment
  • Cooperative businesses
  • Rural communities
  • Who We Support

    Family Farmers

    If you are a family farmer, Missouri Farmers Union is where you belong. Whether you grow corn, beans, grapes, wheat, cattle, fruit or vegetables, farm in the country or in the city, Missouri Farmers Union supports you in agriculture through education, legislation and cooperation.

    To learn more about our family farming policies, download the National Farmers Union policy book.

    Farmers Markets

    Throughout Missouri, farmers markets play a valuable role in bringing consumers and farmers together. Local produce hubs offer an entry point for emerging farmers as well as adding great value for established farmers. Through its support for locally-grown and marketed produce, Missouri Farmers Union plays a leading role in bringing produce from the farm to the table.

    Mission & Vision


    To advocate for the economic and social well-being, and quality of life of Missouri family farmers and consumers and their communities through education, cooperation and legislation. MFU advocates sustainable production of food, fiber and feed.


    Missouri Farmers Union will continue to be the respected, influential and independent state voice and coalition leader that bridges family producers and consumers on behalf of a vibrant and growing grassroots membership.